Monday, January 28, 2008

Week 3 and Week 4

Here are the latest cards in my Deck of Me Challenge for 2008. Week 3 was what area of your life would you like to spice up? Week 4 was to pick 3 words that describe you and scrap them. You couldn't pick Mom, Wife, etc. I picked Simple, Content, and Blessed.

So why those 3?
I think I'm pretty simple in that I'm a jeans & tee, steak & potato, tv on the weekend kind of gal. I guess I'm kinda low maintenance and I'm okay with that. Jeannette (my sis) says I'm a LLBean kind of girl. Not sure about that but I would rather have a good beer and watch football than champagne and opera.

Content and blessed: I have so much and so much to be thankful for. My kids are healthy, our home is beautiful and warm, we don't make a bankload but want for nothing, I can play and help at school with the kiddos. I lay my head down at night and don't question my next meal or Ed's safety. I have good friends who are honest with me and love me. I guess maybe I'm just at a point where the sailing is smooth and I am peaceful. It feels good!

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