Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cookie Monsters and 52 Card Pickup

Well, Girl Scout cookies are now up for pre-order. My daughter, Delanie', has set a major goal of 350 boxes!!!!!!!! What?! She sold 258 last year and so now she thinks she has to do better than that! So we went out the the Air Guard base for drill weekend and she walked to tons of offices/shops asking if folks wanted to pre order...Sure enough she got orders for over 240 boxes!!!!! What does she say to me as we're adding them up? "I may have to raise my goal!" Whoa there girly! (actually I hope she does do better but I'm not looking forward to the distrubution come March)

So I joined this 52 week challenge where you alter playing cards. Each week we get a theme and then share our creations. You can read more about it here So far I've done my first 2 weeks. Now the tricky part will be figuring out how to add them to this blog.


Dianna said...

Saw them on Flickr and they are AWESOME*!*

Elizabeth said...

Good for you! I am so happy you took the plunge into 'blogland'. I think your family and friends will be happy you are sharing. I know I am.