Thursday, January 17, 2008

Busy Weekend planned!

Well, our weekend will be starting a bit early! It promises to be a 4 days of very good beer and much better friends!

Tonight we will be headed to The Snowgoose Restaurant for the release of Sleeping Lady Brewing Co's Spartan Warrior Imperial Stout. This beer is dedicated Jeffrey Bission (our friend Jim's son-in-law)and all of the Ft. Richardson soldiers that didn’t come back with their unit. Proceeds of the sale of each pint of beer will be donated by Snowgoose to a memorial on Ft. Richardson for these brave fallen soldiers. We'll be hanging with our favorite Army fam Don and Beth and hopefully get to meet and say thank you to other soldiers. If you are thinking you need a reason to drink a good beer, this is a great one for a great cause.

Friday and Saturday we will be volunteering at The Great Alaskan Beer and Barley Wine Festival! This is The Premier Beer Event of the year and one Ed and I have attended more years than not. The last few years my folks have been blessing us by watching the kiddos overnight so we could both partake and stay at a hotel for the evening. This is HUGE to us and we really appreciate it! THANKS MOM AND DAD!!!

You can check out Jim's aka Dr Fermento's blog for some fantastic info on the festival. He's a pro at writing about beer and his helpful hints can be applied to any event where alcohol is the main focus. Check it out!

Sunday will be a bit of a sad day, not because the GABBWF will be over but because we will be going to Beth and Don's going away party. There are people who have touched my life who I tend not to be affected by their departure. (Not sure if my military brat background is responsible for this or not but whatever.) Not in this case!! Beth and Don will be sorely missed by our whole family. Who will Aidan sword fight with such vigor without Don around? Who will open their door even before they shower and just hang out with me? Who will help Delanie pay for her college education if she can't Kinky Sit? Who will give us an excuse to ALWAYS order Salmon Spread!!!!! Needless to say, I'll be sad to see them go and there will always be free use of our pop-up camper when they come to visit!

So that is my weekend in a nut shell. Hope you all enjoy yours!

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Dianna said...

I'll have one of those beers AND some of that awesome chili*!*
Comfort food for sure:)

(I swear I can almost smell it...)