Monday, April 28, 2008

Chip Topper Challenge

We had a challenge to use some Bazzill Chip Toppers which I totally love! I don't think I really have used them as much as just admired them! I really need to stop that and get to using my stash of stuff. So...

I have wanted to do a photo frame for Delanie's photo with her good friends. I really loved this photo since I don't have any photos of myself and friends in elementary school. I can imagine the same kind of picture with me and my friends Jana and Amy. Don't know what happened to them since, being an Air Force Brat, we moved around a lot. One of these girls will be moving this summer so I hope this helps Delanie to remember her and maybe this crazy internet age will help them keep in touch. Oh I put a couple shots in since they don't really show the depth that well.

I'm also putting a photo of a card I made using one of the winter Chip Toppers. I know you can't win with a card but I really love this since I did a little 3-D scene in it that can be used as a magnet/ornament.



Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, there are only 5 more days in April and yesterday we got about 20 inches of snow! It was actually the 3rd largest snowfall ever in Anchorage! I must say I'm a bit disgusted by the whole thing! The kids, on the other hand, really had fun in the heavy wet stuff! They made a big snow cave and could fit 4 kids into it! This was actually the perfect snowman or snowball kind of snow. Plus the temperature was about 32 all day so it was warm enough to stay out a long time! Hopefully the whole mess will melt in a couple of days and Spring can resume!