Thursday, July 31, 2008

This Guy of Mine

So I rarely write about my dh, Ed. The fact is though is...he really is AWESOME! I tell people a lot that I married Ed for his IPA because he is a great homebrewer and I'm a hop head by nature. Yes, it was written in the stars or something like that. Actually the thing that really makes me go weak in the knees is how Ed is a FANTASTIC DADDY. He is a busy guy, up at 5:30~workin' till 4:00~home working on his "To Do" stuff. In the midst of all that he finds time to stop and play with the kiddos and teach them important stuff like "Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty!"

Here are some shots of Ed and Aidan playing badminton. Sorry the focus is out...they're still cute! You may notice that Aidan is the only one running....That's the way 7 year olds play badminton.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A mini book for Teacher

I made a mini book for Delanie's Teacher for the end of year. I guess it wasn't really super mini since it was about 8.5x11 but it turned out really cute. I thought this was a "Special Year" because the teacher's daughter was in her class. It was also pretty special because the kiddos really seem to care about each other and their community etc. I have a feeling there will be lots of world leaders in this group!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just a Swingin'

Here are a few of Aidan during some backyard fun. I love the Sport Continuous mode on my camera!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Air Show Shots!

So it is so very rare that I can get a decent shot of aircraft in flight. That whole speed of sound thing really thows off my lead time and the focus ability for the sport continuous mode is not gonna happen when the aircraft is far, far, away! But I got one!!!!!! I have to say I'm very impressed with myself that this shot is centered and focused.
This shot was to represent the 50 years anniversary of Alaska being a state. Aviation has played a pretty major role in our state so it was a good representation.
These two are of the AF Academy Jump Team coming down with the US and Alaska flags.

Then of course the people shot! This is the way most folks look during an air show! I think Delanie desplays perfect form and air show etiquette!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Okay, so the simple fact is that I've been a total slacker about this whole blogging thing! I'd like to say that I have a hectic, super packed schedule that leaves me falling into bed at midnight each night and up and about at 6 am...but the fact is, it just ain't so. We've been spending our summer being LAZY! Okay the first week we were in Reno, then got back just in time to lead crafts and missions for VBS. After that stuff...LAZY! But just to help those who may not have given up on me totally, I'm posting five photos of our summer so far.

These are a couple of our regular summr visitors. The Stellar's Jay comes by every morning to see if we've filled the bird feeder. I expect he'll give up soon since we don't fill it in summer. There has been a lot of bear activity here lately so we'd rather not find one on the swing set eating the bird food!

The zoo hasn't been a regular hang out but it really should be for us. They have set up the new seal and otter habitats and they totally ROCK! My new camera has really impressed me with the photos it takes (note: it is not me~it is the camera!). I have lots more zoo photos I'm sure I'll share sometime. The kiddos of course love the petting zoo part though there was a super grumpy goat that made the experience less than perfect! The one in the picture was pretty laid back so we stuck near him.

Delanie Flew Up to Junior Girl Scouts this summer. We missed the big shabang so her troop had their end of year picnic and a mini cerimony that day. Here she is getting her patches from Brownies. Funny thing is that vest was huge on her in 1st grade!