Monday, February 4, 2013

Beautiful Card Makes me Feel Better

So as I said earlier, I was flaked on in a swap.  Well, I tried to keep it pretty low key on the board I was on but Denice (with a "c") asked me if she could send me a little something .  She sent the most beautiful card/post-it holder!  So nice! Her work is fantastic.  Hope we will be partnered in a swap someday.  She also sent me a GC to Saturated Canary to get some more digis!!!  Too kind!  Thank you so much Denice.  mwah!

Some Thoughts on SWAPS

Hi...Don't really know who all(if anyone) reads my blog.  I guess this is my chance to say what I think without offending anyone on any SWAP boards that I frquent.  So here goes...

For the first time ever, I was flaked on.  Now I wasn't total flaked on and cheated out of product or home made goodies but I still felt flaked on.  The person I was sisters with was supposed to purchase 14 items and make me a card then send them to me to count down to Valentine's Day.  On all the SWAPS I've ever been on,we are REQUIRED to check in on the message board about once a week.  My partner rarely checked in and when she did, it was a one or 2 line message.  I went about gathering items for her wishes and probably spent $60-$75 on her.  I got every thing wrapped and ready to ship to her and tried to pm (private mssg) her to ask for her addy.  Her pm box was full.  I let the hostess know that I was trying to get in touch and nothing....This went on for some time.  I also poted a header on the mssg board that her box was full...No response.  Finally 4 days before the box was supposed to be in my hands, she posts that she is waiting for one more item and will post the tracking number the next morning....Does she post?????? Nope!  Does she post the next day????  Nope!  I was done.  I pm'd the hostess and told her that I would not be sending my box and I did not want the other person to send me a box either.

It all comes down to COMMUNICATION!  Everyone has things that happen in life, we don't demand explinations, but for goodness sake, let us know something is up!

1.  Communicate~ check in at least as often as the hostess says.  If you screw up and don't check in for a while pm both the hostess and partner an apology.

2.  Read~  Look at what others are posting! Try to get to at least sort of know the people on the board!  I'm not very good at this and will try to get better.

3. Tidy up your space.  Clear out your PM box, update your profile, answer questions on the board. 

4. Appologize~  Life will get in the way!  Someone will get sick...something will get mailed late...that idea you had for project won't work...An apology will go leaps and bounds over repetitive excuses!

5.  Have Fun and Help Others Have Fun Too!!!!  Come on, it's glue and paper and glitter, not taxes and war and accidents!  If you aren't having fun and playing nice, why are you swapping in the first place