Thursday, July 31, 2008

This Guy of Mine

So I rarely write about my dh, Ed. The fact is though is...he really is AWESOME! I tell people a lot that I married Ed for his IPA because he is a great homebrewer and I'm a hop head by nature. Yes, it was written in the stars or something like that. Actually the thing that really makes me go weak in the knees is how Ed is a FANTASTIC DADDY. He is a busy guy, up at 5:30~workin' till 4:00~home working on his "To Do" stuff. In the midst of all that he finds time to stop and play with the kiddos and teach them important stuff like "Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty!"

Here are some shots of Ed and Aidan playing badminton. Sorry the focus is out...they're still cute! You may notice that Aidan is the only one running....That's the way 7 year olds play badminton.

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