Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to School Time

Well, the summer basically wasn't all that wonderful. We had so few sunny or even warm days. But now it is time to head on back to school and boy are the kids happy about it (okay so Aidan doesn't look happy but he is). You are Aidan!
I totally love back to school. It gives me a thrill to go look at all the new folders and lunch boxes (Aidan got a new Clone Wars one!) I love the smell of crayons in the morning!
What I don't like is getting going in the morning after watching the Olympics till midnight! I am usually good about getting the kiddos on their back to school sleep schedule but with the O's on...I dropped the ball. We're on it now though and they are in bed by 8:30. (aw, mom!)
I totally love the teachers this year! A has the same teacher D had in 2nd. She's so nice but really has control of the class and doesn't take any guff! D's teacher taught us how to knit last year and has a real kind way about her. Both teachers encourage parental involvement in the class so that means a ton to me. I've always felt that the kid's education was Ed's and my responsibility and teachers are the trained proffesionals we hire to help us.
Anyway, now I have some more time for being crafty and a domestic goddess! (so not) Maybe I'll even update my blog more often!