Sunday, June 27, 2010

Throwback Thursday Project in the nick of time!

Emma at My Crative Time had another Throwback Thursday Challenge for everyone. This time she went back to the Doodlecharms Cricut Cartridge and challenged us to make a scrapbook layout. The only thing was, the anual Brew Club Campout started at noon on Friday and wouldn't ya know I had a migrain on Thursday...Not to worry, I took my good friend Gypsy (Rose Lee) and spent some quiet camping time with her! I actually had come up with a layout for our Hawaii Album but changed my mine (it's a girls perogative!) and came up with this instead.

Doodlecharms has so many great cuts but when I looked at some of the other posts, most of my favorites had been used. That said, I tried to go in a bit of a different direction. There are actually 2 Doodlecharms cuts here.
1. The trees are the boarder function on page 125. Perfect spruce tree look!
2. The stick frames are made by using Rose Lee to weld the sticks on page 95. (I'm getting more adventurous with each use of my Gypsy!)

My cardstock was all Bazzill, the patterned paper is from We R Memory Keepers (Grandma's Kitchen I think). I used the Stamped Cartridge to do the lettering. I am kinda thinking about doing some doodling on the trees but not sure yet.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my take on this challenge. Click on Emma's blinkie on the side of the page to see her WONDERFUL sight!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Air Force Pararescue Memorial Ceremony

I was blessed for a time to work as an Air Force Rescue Radio Operator in the Alaska Air Guard. I got to work with some of the most elite AF guys there are, Pararescuemen. They would be kinda the AF equivilant of Green Berets or Seals. One HUGE difference is they are trained to SAVE people. The AK PJ's are all EMT's and all jump and dive qualified. They are a crazy, fun bunch of guys who don't take anyone's guff. Sadly, 2 PJ's were lost on June 9th, in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. Please watch this and remember that freedom isn't free and there are those who will do things, THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Prepping for Cub Scout Camp! Thanks Momo!

Aidan will be headed to camp in about a week and I wanted to make him some cute cards. You know how they love getting mail at camp and since Ed goes with him, I can just give the stack to Daddy so no postage.

I did want to stick with a "Campy" theme and these cuts from Create a Critter worked perfectly! I did kinda mess up and cut the larger ones at 3" instead of 2.5" so I just made those cards 4x4 and the smaller ones are 3x3. I used only scraps (except for the card base) for this and I think they're all Bazzill. I really love how they turned out and will be making more like them in the future.
Oh, these were totally inspired by Momo's Kids Cards that she did last week on her blog! You should check it out! THANKS MOMO!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Howdy! It's Throwback Thursday Partner!

Emma at My Creative Time has done it again!! She's taken one of my favorite "old" Cricut cartridges and set up a Throwback Thursday Challenge. The cartridge we are using is Paper Doll Dress Up which I think was one of the first I bought. It has soooo much on it~cars, spaceships, dinosaurs, castles, wagons, animals and more. It also has one of the best fences on any cartridge IMO. Delanie and I saw this one at Michaels for $19.99 so if you don't have it, GO GET IT!!!!
So besides using Paper Doll Dress Up, Emma's challange was to do something 3-D or altered (ya know anything but a card). I chose to do this cute paint can using my neighbor's son, Henry (3), as insperation. EVERYTHING is about horses with him and yes, he has a horse head on a stick! I did have to kinda paper piece the horse but I think it looks great! Oh and the "Howdy" came from Create a Critter which I found by using the search on Rose Lee!
I've made these paint cans before and the neat thing is my wonderful husband, Ed, (love ya babe!) cuts a slit in the top of the can so the kiddos can use them as banks. I usually use them as the gift "bag" and put some goodies inside.
This is the back of the can. All the paper is Bazzil except for the background which is from an old CTMH Father's Day kit. The only thing I wish I had was some cut Peachy Keen face stamps! Maybe I'll be Emma's lucky winner!!!! (fingers crossed!)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two of my Favorite Things

Well, I'm working on cleaning up my Scrap Space. In the last year it has become a catch-all for everything from extra shelving units to kid's clothes and oh yea, some scrap stuff I haven't touched! I am not necessarily the neatest scrapper but I do want to be able to move my chair around and get to my stuff.
I do have 2 things to share that are my FAVORITES as far as storage in my space are concerned. The top photo shows my shoe rack adaptation of a Clip it Up. We took off the shoe holders and voila~~~Super Sturdy, metal, only $9 or $10 CIU. The second picture is of my old CM Rolling Tote (remember those?) that has been adapted to hold 12x12 file folders and my cardstock. I don't go to crops as much as I used to but this baby is a life saver when I do! So what do each of these things have in common? Both were adapted by my wonderful Hubby Ed! He welded and cut and fixed them just for me! He's really a great guy and I love how he let's me have a whole room just for me! (oh, he's got a 3 car garage!)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Throwback Thursday 49er

Emma at My Creative Time has been doing challenges using some of the older Cricut Cartridges. This week she picked one of my favorites Stretch Your Imagination! It's a great cart especially since it has all 4 seasons and lots of holidays. I've always loved this little jar of lightning bugs, maybe because we don't have lightning bugs in Alaska. The main challenge is to use the colors brown, blue, and red. I also wanted to use my new Gypsy (Rose Lee) since I've only had her about a week. I figured out how to make a shape card (yippee for me)!!!! I do need to figure out how to make the bottom of the card flat so I can stand it up! Hope you like it!