Thursday, June 24, 2010

Air Force Pararescue Memorial Ceremony

I was blessed for a time to work as an Air Force Rescue Radio Operator in the Alaska Air Guard. I got to work with some of the most elite AF guys there are, Pararescuemen. They would be kinda the AF equivilant of Green Berets or Seals. One HUGE difference is they are trained to SAVE people. The AK PJ's are all EMT's and all jump and dive qualified. They are a crazy, fun bunch of guys who don't take anyone's guff. Sadly, 2 PJ's were lost on June 9th, in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. Please watch this and remember that freedom isn't free and there are those who will do things, THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE!!

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MsJay said...

Very nice. Love the background on your blog.