Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two of my Favorite Things

Well, I'm working on cleaning up my Scrap Space. In the last year it has become a catch-all for everything from extra shelving units to kid's clothes and oh yea, some scrap stuff I haven't touched! I am not necessarily the neatest scrapper but I do want to be able to move my chair around and get to my stuff.
I do have 2 things to share that are my FAVORITES as far as storage in my space are concerned. The top photo shows my shoe rack adaptation of a Clip it Up. We took off the shoe holders and voila~~~Super Sturdy, metal, only $9 or $10 CIU. The second picture is of my old CM Rolling Tote (remember those?) that has been adapted to hold 12x12 file folders and my cardstock. I don't go to crops as much as I used to but this baby is a life saver when I do! So what do each of these things have in common? Both were adapted by my wonderful Hubby Ed! He welded and cut and fixed them just for me! He's really a great guy and I love how he let's me have a whole room just for me! (oh, he's got a 3 car garage!)


Mari AKA Momo said...

So awesome!!! Love your home made clip it up... Arent handy husbands the BEST!!! Cant wait to see the tour! :o) XOXO Momo

Lori Apgar said...

Love the shoe rack idea!!! I might need to lift that one!