Saturday, January 3, 2009

Starting my 365

I Know! I Know! What the heck kind of blogger am I? I don't put anything on since school starts and now I want to start again. Well, I do! So forgive me if you have been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for me but I'm Back.

Becky Higgins has started a bit of a craze with her 365 Project (look here if you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about It is a great concept and I really wanted to get the kit. Thing is, nobody is sure if they got the kit ordered or not. So I've started my photos and thought I'd post them here to keep up.
The bottom one is Jan 1. Aidan and Delanie making 2009 out of their hands (okay kinda corney but cute!) We had a pretty mellow New Years Day. We just hung out at the house, played some wii, and recouped from Jeremy & Kim's party.
The middle one is when we finally said good bye for now to the tree on Jan 2. Now this wasn't a small feat for Ed and Aidan since it was -15 degrees! Just cold to the bone! They still look like they are having fun though I'm not sure how much fun went on when Ed put the tree up on the shelf in the shed! That new tree with the lights already on it is HEAVY.
The top photo is Aidan otherwise known as Lego Man! That kid amazes me by how he will sit and read the directions. Normally sitting still isn't in Aidan's repertoire but when he puts on his Lego Man Hat (okay, no real had but it's a thought!) he can sit for hours at a time. He really reads the directions and piece by 1326 pieces he puts the thing together! This was the Drone Carrier he got for Christmas. COOL!

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