Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sometimes People are Just So Nice!!!

My friend Rina and I went to a local art store here called Blaines to crop a little and, truth be told, talk a lot. She has been out of the country for about a month and before that we had both been crazy busy so we hadn't spent much time together. Well, last night as we were leaving and saying thanks to the owner of Blaines, I saw some plexi pen holders and said, "I would love to have some of these!" She said, "Oh, I have some over here if you want them." Rina says, "Wow, How much?" and she said, "You can just have them. I'll keep a few and you can just have 2 each!" WOW!!!!! So now my Promarkers have a new place to live where they are organized and happy!!! I will be shoping more at Blaines!

Cool huh? They'll hold 72 Promarkers each so I'll have pleanty of room!

I think I'm going to lable the color names on front. They will sit just right on my window ledge!


Enfys said...

That is such a great solution to Promarker storage. Love it!

Coach fans said...

Wow! Lucky you!