Thursday, May 1, 2008

Water Bottle Packets

Here is my version of flavor packet holders for h20 bottles. I used Stampin' Up supplies I had from last year. These are really zoomy quick using patterned paper then the SU Word Window punch and cardstock stickers. I also like using a jump ring so it is easy to get off and people will hopefully save them. I got some $1 water bottles at Michaels and decided to give those to our NSD group. You could always tie them with ribbon instead of the rings too.

I actually have one extra one of these so the first one to reply that they want it will get a little RAK.

enjoy, D


Taylor's Mommy said...

Those are 2 2 cute...

me me I want one if it hasn't been given away yet!


Elizabeth said...

OK Girly! I have nominated you for a blog award. You can check out my blog for the details. Time to add some current photos of your kiddos and all the summer fun you are having. ;)